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The Three Peaks Challenge
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                             The Three Peaks Challenge

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                Ben Nevis - Scotland 1344m or 4409ft



                                                                               Scafell - England 977m or 3206ft



                         Snowdon - Wales 1085m or 3560ft



So what's the challenge all about?

The British Three Peaks of Ben Nevis, Scafell and Snowdon all pictured above regularly get a going over by a variety of people! Fell runners, walkers, "Trekkers" and all other kinds of mad, hairy individuals have all completed the course in all sorts of ways. They have sailed, driven, walked and rowed between the hills, and I believe one lot even flew! (By helicopter) not like Icarus I may add!

However we believe that it has NEVER been done by anyone in a wheelchair!

One the team undertaking the challenge this time is a little bit different too!

Jon Amos is an ex Paralympic Athlete, current Great Britain Head Coach and Adventure Sportsman.

Jon has been up Kilimanjaro (twice) and has crossed Australia from Darwin to Adelaide on his hand cycle and also in the late nineties had pioneered a tourist trail across India for the Disabled traveller - called at that time Palaces and Tigers!

Now, purely on behalf of the Teenage Cancer Trust, Jon hopes to claim the British three peaks as another World first by a wheelchair user!

Jon and his team of assistant "mushers" will make the joint attempt "Kili" fashion and with an additional support crew on hand to drive them between the "hills" whilst the team try to catch forty winks

He hopes to complete all three peaks up and down in much less than forty-eight hours! Jon has set himself some serious challenges in his time but this just might prove to be the hardest. Now these peaks arenít as high as Kilimanjaro, nor is it as far as the "Aussie" crossing, but the speed with which he and his team must complete the ascent and descent of these British peaks to get inside his target of forty eight hours will be an incredible test of strength, stamina and endurance the equal of any of the challenges he has attempted before.

What will make this such a tough challenge? Firstly Jon, being a paraplegic of some 30 years following an RTA , can only use his arms to propel the converted wheelchair, by "pedalling" with his hands, this puts an incredible strain on the joints, tendons and muscles of his arms, shoulders and upper body, and he has to do this several thousand times during the event!

Secondly, itís considered pretty tough to walk over the rocky terrain on these hills, so in a wheelchair it may  yet still prove to be impossible, so it is by no means a foregone conclusion that even with the help of the team that Jon will be successful! Yet, as Jon is very well known for saying, 'never say can't, unless you've tried it'

Jon and the team will be working far harder on the climbs and descents than a non- disabled climber and consequently increase the risk of failure from fatigue, dehydration or injury.

As if this wasnít enough the team have set themselves the additional challenge that if any of the assistant "mushers" that start off at the beginning of the event drops out for any reason they cannot be replaced!

This is going to be a 'game' played with no event (post start) substitutes or blood replacements!

Why make it so hard? Well, as Jon would say, he has chosen to accept this challenge on behalf of the Teenage Cancer Trust, whilst the young people with Cancer that he has heard of have no real choice other than to accept their daily life challenge, so he is determined that this event should in a very small way, without being patronising or tokenistic, reflect the determination in battling their own very individual challenges.

He hopes that through his collective teamís efforts, they will help to further raise public awareness of, and support for, the fantastic work being done in the UK by The Teenage Cancer Trust & this is the ultimate outcome sought through this event.

Should you wish to make a donation to the Teenage Cancer Trust through sponsorship of this, the teams latest challenge, and of which incidentally each and every penny raised goes directly to them,  click here, or should want any further information on the work of the Teenage Cancer Trust then please contact Jane Ashton direct via email 


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