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           Welcome to Creative-Adaptive-Sports.Com

The Creative Adaptive Sports Consultancy was established in the very early nineties. It was primarily established to service various niche's we had identified in the global market which were, in our totally common sense way of thinking, neither adequately covered or provided for, not least those of challenging the non tested beliefs of the non disabled and disabled alike by undertaking unique challenges that would at the very least create discussion around any given individuals own conceived boundaries; we also offer a wide variety of organisations direct services and advice ranging from personal well being testing for individuals and companies alike, to stress management & coaching athletes with a disability to name but a few and all are based upon a collective of over forty five years of International experience of the two co-founders, Jon Amos & Derek Groves and yet we have continually evolved and now draw upon a select group of additional highly experienced individuals to cover the array of services that we are able to provide

Why Creative Adaptive Sports........

Well as you would imagine many other names were thought of, such as Beyond Boundaries (now used today by the BBC for a reality TV, alternative adventure programme which 'tests' the physical and psychological boundaries of beliefs of people with disabilities - something that we were actually the very first to kindle and many have since tried to emulate; you can read about just a few of our 'alternative adventures' amongst our other pages) & indeed Alternative Adventure was one of many other names considered, yet none really encapsulated everything that we are about and never could...

Creative and Adaptive because - we think outside the box and challenge you as an individual, or your company or organisation, to do the same through utilising our joint vast life experiences and qualifications, we offer presentations, guest lecturing, Motivational, Keynote and, or, after dinner speeches - should you be interested in any of these, or the aforementioned services, we can offer then please contact us by clicking on > info@creative-adaptive-sports for more information

Sports, this is because of the fact that like the very best elite performers we are always striving to find the competitive edge, further combined with the additional international experiences we have amassed as coaches, athletes or team managers up to and including the World and Paralympic platforms; we can come along to share any of these experiences with your company or organisation,  ultimately assisting each and every individual to determine where any the vast experiences we have gained via our own various life experiences, challenges and Elite level sports coaching can help them as individuals and in turn you as a company to become motivated to want to become the very best they can be!!

Another charity challenge is very soon being undertaken on behalf of the Teenage Cancer Trust

Please also use the navigation links to the left to read more about this new challenge and just some of the other challenges we have undertaken.........

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