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                                                 'PROJECT ZERO THREE'

                                        'THE ROOF of AFRICA on WHEELS'

Once again, as in 1998, 'The Roof of Africa on Wheels' expedition is hoping that others benefit through it in some form or another. This time three causes will hopefully benefit from it:

Motivation, which is a UK based charity that helps many third world beneficiaries to build wheelchairs from locally sustainable resource materials and offers additional education for disabled people, making them aware of necessary general life skills that most of us often take for granted. Whilst in Tanzania Jon will visit their project site at the 'KCMC' Hospital, where the very first wheelchair technology certificated course has recently been endorsed by the President of Tanzania. click here and go to day 8 of running diary

Dame Hannah Rogers School This is a special school for more severely disabled students and offers residential facilities, where a level of independence is taught and gained. Jon was honoured to be invited to open a new wing there in 2001, which the school had worked very hard to raise funds for; it offers the most severely disabled student to have interactive swimming sessions with a special computerised light and sound system.

The third cause is quite poignant as it involves Simon Davies, who accompanied Jon on two of his previous challenges. Simon and his wife Pamela recently had a son, Oliver, who was born with Vein of Galen and has meant that he has spent a great deal of his young life in Woodlands, the children's ward at Harrogate hospital. Simon and Pamela feel that have been fortunate to have received the support that they have personally had, and have now started to set up a fund to help support other parents who have found themselves in the same position as they did. For more information contact Mr Terry Davies on 01803 406566.

Jon will also visit various other projects whilst in Tanzania to leave them with valuable resources, such as paper, books, pens, crayons and various items of sports equipment. One of these is the Mkombozi centre for street children and another is the Orphanage in Moshi. click here and go to day 9 of the running diary

Fundraising is an ongoing entity, if you feel that you would like to support the fundraising efforts of any one of the above causes in particular, please contact us via email or on 07711 625262 - We will be happy to return your answered call immediately. Alternatively please send your cheque, made payable to the Project '98, c/o Sunnynook, Stanway, Bitton, Nr Bristol BS30 6JU stating the particular charity you would like your donation to go to or contact the appropriate cause direct and reference this web site.