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Trans Australia Route Information

The final round up before Australia

Hot start for the team as they leave Darwin

The Team clock up the miles towards 'Alice'

Seven day update To 'Alice'

Australian customs finally release JonsBack-up wheelchair

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Jon and the team complete the crossing in 141hrs, 23mins and 55secs

A special word of thanks to all the supporters and sponsors of the
Trans Australia Challenge

Now available - The Roof of Africa on Wheels - Jon's account of the attempt to climb Kilimanjaro

Creative Adaptive Sports

Roof of Africa on Wheels Revisited


Jon Amos would like to thank the following sponsors and supporters of the Trans Australia Challenge: -

The Royal Marines - for outstanding logistical and financial support, both in terms of man-hours and facilities for fundraising .

Australian Army - Norcom - Larrekeyah Barracks - For being excellent hosts and for the logistical and technical support.

Applied Satellite Technology - Chris Wood, for sponsoring the use of the GMP2000 Satellite telephone and securing air time with inmarsat. The telephone was an excellent tool for keeping in touch with the outside world, especially when land lines or GSM was not available. It also enabled us to upload pictures, taken with the Ricoh 300Z digital camera, to the Blue Dome web page. It was more temperamental when trying to upload the higher resolution photos taken with the Casio QV 7000SX.

allgold.net - (check out their web site), In kind/charitable donation.

British Aerospace,Brough - Robert Gillies for the financial support and efforts in ensuring that the handbike reached Australia and was finally released by the customs in Sydney. Also to Paul Hartley, Chris Wallis and their colleagues for the personal time given to build the innovative handbike. The handbike was much larger and heavier than the Varna Handcycle but coped well with the terrain for which it was built, off road. It took some getting use to and at times felt unstable, due to its light steering. This created balance problems, especially when having to over reach for the handlebars. None of the problems are major and I am sure that British Aerospace can overcome them.

BBC TV - Andrew Burroughs - Having already covered last years Mt.Kilimanjaro expedition, once again become involved and help to ensure the world wide awareness of the project. His footage was shown on the BBC breakfast and One o'clock news bulletins as well as the world service programme.

Berghaus - Sue Raey and her company for being the largest of our in kind sponsors. They 'kitted' us out for all eventualities; nothing more needs to be said as Berghaus clothing speaks for itself.
Web Site - http://www.berghaus.com/

BlueDome - David Lynch, for once again giving us a platform to reach the world via his outdoor activity web site and also for securing other sponsors like Dawes and Burton McCall on our behalf.
Web site - youre' here!

Burton McCall - In kind support of camping and outdoor activity equipment.
Web site - http://www.burton-mccall.co.uk/
Cableinet - For their technical support.

Camberly Tyres - In kind support, the top tour 2000 tyre was excellent and survived the whole journey with very little wear and tear.

Camelbak - Danielle Guilliard - For in kind support of Hydration systems, worth their weight in gold.

Carphone Warehouse - For technical support and airtime for the Nokia 9110 communicator telephone.

Carratti - In kind support.

Casella - In kind support of hygrometer and heat stress monitor for recording the daily weather conditions.

Dawes Cycles for sponsoring the support team with touring bikes that lasted the journey well, except for the bottom brackets needed changing on two of the bikes and the suspension on the saddle posts became loose and creaky.

DECPAC Adelaide - For in kind support of portable ramps, which were lightweight and foldaway. They were excellent and saved the day on more than one occasion.

Fuji - In Kind support of Fuji film.

Fujitsu - Katherine Osborne, Karen Manley and the rest of the team for the technical support they gave.

Inmarsat - Clive Parish and his company for not only the in kind support of air time for the satellite, but for their in house magazine article about the challenge.

Kerridge Computers
- Alistair Forbes and Alan Williams, for their technical support and advice.

KPMG London and Sydney
- D. Jukes and G.Acher In kind support/charitable donation.
Lions clubs of Alice Springs, Coober Pedy, Port Augusta, Port Pirie, Gladstone, Clare, Gawler and Elizabeth. In Kind support/Charitable donations.

Madisons - Patrick Barker, in kind support.

Malaysian Airlines - For their assistance and especially for the excess baggage allowance.

Mud Dock - Exeter - In Kind support.

Nokia & Casio - Mr David Watkins, For his continued in kind support in supplying the use of the Nokia 9110 Communicator telephone and securing the Casio QV7000SX LCD digital camera that is dedicated to the phone. This absolutely excellent piece of equipment was only let down by the limited GSM coverage. The telephone does nearly everything that you could want it to and its amazing how they can put so much technology in such little space. The quality of pictures taken with the camera is nothing short of fabulous. These can be uploaded to the Internet via the Nokia 9110 telephone.

Raleigh - Sam Easterbrook , In Kind support.

Respro - In Kind support.

Robert Horne Paper Co - Brislington, Alan Ayres, For their continued support in supplying the promotional literature.

Stamford Plaza Hotel - Geoff Goldberg - Charmaine Moore - For their hospitality and hosting the VIP reception.

Varna - Georgi and Andrea Georgiev - For the sponsorship of the Varna Hand cycle and the back up support. This handcycle is a world-beater. For the workload that it endured during the 3,000kms this lightweight machine performed exceedingly well indeed. Any faults were just minor and have already been dealt with. The recorded times/distance travelled were remarkable. With the larger majority of the route being uphill, there were only a few occasions to really put it to the test. The best return of distance/time was the full marathon distance in just 1hour 09 minutes and forty-nine seconds. With the introduction of hand cycling into future Paralympics, watch out for the Varna Handcycle.
Web Site - http://www.varnahandcycles.com/

Vitech Scientific - Peter Hooper - In kind support - Peter Hooper came to the rescue at the eleventh hour to offer the loan of a Osmometer and Consumables. This helped us to carry out vital studies, saved valuable time and efforts and allowed accurate data to be recorded.

Wheelchair Sports South Australia - George Dunstan, Kim Elwood, Natalie Philp and Liam Clancy for their hospitality and PR support during the final stages in Adelaide.

Zyro - In kind support, Cateye Heart monitor/cycle computer to ensure that precise data was recorded. Three computers were used to ensure a valid record was taken.